AW17-R1 120Hz 3D-VR Ready GTX 980 N16E-GXX

  • [17 R1]
  • Win10

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  • Hi @ SPOCK ,
    Like the work on your AW btw : Thumbup:
    i have AW17 too, wondering if you ever explored the idea of adding to egpu? And if its even possible? I am looking at adding gtx1060, in it it says expansion options as full and half mini-card slots. I am an avid tech, i am having a tough time figuring out. Can you show me where they are? And is it even possible?

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  • Hey everyone, sorry but my German is pretty broken so i will write in english. I also have an Anlienware 17r1 with 60hz display, i7 4810mq, 16gb ram, 4heatpipe cpu and 5 heatpipe gpu heatsink. , win10 x64 pure uefi. I also have a clevo gtx 180w that i want to put in the mxm slot. With all of above said i have a few queston to mr. @SPOCK or anyone who can help me with this project:
    * do i need 120hz display or woud 60hz also work?
    * can anyone help me with a simple scheme / picture how to solder the cable of external power to gpu?

    Many thanks anticipated.
    Best regards Andy
  • Hi, you have different ways to get it running.
    Easy way: Do not connect the power supply on the gpu. Card is working, but with less power ( 100W)
    Spocks way: solder the red an black ( plus and minus) to the power connector of the Notebook. Problem: Gpu is still under power when Notebook is switched of and if you use it on battery, the extra power for Gpu is missing.
    Other way: Solder the black an red cabel on mxm Slot. Problem: max power is limited, but the Notebook works like a Notebook should (Battery/ Adapter)
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